Security System Installation – What You Need to Know and Ask

Installation and Monitoring Security Systems

Questions you must ask…

o What is the total cost of alarm and system installation including tax?
o What is the cost of monitoring including tax?
o How long is the warranty covering the system?
o Are there any warranty exclusions?
o Can the warranty be voided from daily use – e.g. keypad wear or by moisture, heat, dust etc?
o How long does installation take security system installation Kirkland WA?
o If there are any issues after installation, how soon will you revisit?
o Does the monitoring company have a response plan? If so ask for a reference copy.
o Who will attend in the event of an emergency?
o What is their expected response time? It should be no longer than 20 minutes
o When do they not attend?
o What is the procedure when there is a false or continuous alarm?
o Is there a complaint procedure should you not be satisfied with the service?
o In the event of a power cut or failure, is there a battery backup?
o Where will the backup battery be placed?
o Does the alarm have a silent option?
o Will the system reset after a certain time or does it just keep sounding?

If you have made the decision to hire a monitoring company you need to ensure that they are reputable, licensed and belong to an industry recognised association in your country. You also need to inquire as to whether they have a good customer history/track record. Ask other businesses who they hire and recommend and ask if they are satisfied with the service.

Discuss with the monitoring company whether you will require a siren or strobe internally and externally. Also, if you are requesting mobile phone and wireless capability you will need to have a system with that provision.

Ask your installer where the backup battery for your alarm will be placed – it should be very well hidden, but have access for maintenance. It should never be installed in a place like a cupboard or under a desk as this will not be very secure. Find a place in your business that criminals would be hard pressed to find in 4 to 5 minutes.
Read the contract carefully and request any terms or pre work conditions that are not included to be added to the agreement before you sign.

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